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How could a loft conversion add value to your home?


With house prices rising and falling in these uncertain times, you may look to alternative methods to increase the value of your home. Apart from kitchen improvements, installing a second bathroom, and of course the ungovernable location of the property, a cost effective method is a simple loft conversion, they are reasonable financially and often don’t require planning permission which makes the whole process fairly simple.

Converting an attic into a room is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many homeowners, as it is easier to expand a current home than to move to another, this is a sensible option for growing families or those in need of an office space to work from home. From a structural point of view loft conversions provide a great source of natural light, top light tends to flood the room and create the illusion of more space, which is great for an office environment and for potential buyers. Many buyers are looking for extra space in any potential homes so a converted room is a great way to make your house stand out.


Financially they are also a great investment, not only can they add up to 20% value to your home they are relatively cheap to install – costing anything between 10,000 and £30,000. Depending on the initial value of your home this can be a sensible investment. As mentioned before you probably won’t need planning permission to convert a loft as they fall into Permitted Development Rights category. The more complicated the conversion the more likely you will need to get planning permission. When considering a loft conversion a general rule of thumb is to view a neighbour’s conversion, this will give you a general idea of space and style.

Before you begin to plan your loft conversion you need to check that your loft is actually able to be converted. Most important is the internal height of the loft from the top of the ceiling to underneath the ridge board. As a minimum this should be 2.2m, however if your loft falls below this there are options such as raising the roof and lowering the ceiling in the room below. Remember that by considering these options not only will you need to increase your budget you may also need planning permission which can add time to your conversion. For these more complicated considerations it is advised to seek the services of an architect or experienced builder and to get several quotes to ensure the best deal.


Lastly, should you decide to go ahead with your conversion, an important thing to consider is style.  It should be an extension of your home and not just an add-on, you might want to consider the staircase and stairway leading to your extension, and they should complement each other or link together. Whether you choose to add an extra bedroom, office or bathroom it should follow a similar design to the rest of your home. These finer details are what potential buyers will be considering when viewing your home.


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